Saturday--good day!!

Dear Lord help me to be open to You
for this time as I put aside the cares of this world.
Fill my thoughts with Your peace, Your Love.
from Scared Spaces from the Irish Jesuits

Today was a great day. We drove in to Fort Worth and picked up Fr. Phelps' vestments, went to the Sunflower Store to get vitamins and salt substitute and to the back store.

On the way back we stopped at the Weatherford Downtown Cafe in downtown Weatherford, Texas. These shots are from the inside of the cafe.

Click here to see the wonderful photos.

I tried to draw the above flowers with ink and painted with watercolor. Tomorrow I will do it with pencil and/or watercolor. I think I can do much better.

My blood pressure has been down. The drive to Fort Worth was an experiment, and I guess the meds are working. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I am so glad we got the vestments back...the white and green. Now we need to take the purple and red and the other green vestments.

So, my dear friends, again I thank you for your love, prayers, hugs, and just being there. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love to you all.


Brenda Y said…
Your flowers are free and loose - nothing wrong with that! I'm very happy to hear that your meds are working -- AMEN!!
Terry said…
Dear Sioux..Just popping in to say a happy Sunday to you and I am glad that you had a good day yeaterday. Hoping you do today too!!
I will have some time to catch up on your postings hopefully today.
In the meantime take care of yourself and give the little spoiled kitty a hug fro me...Love Terry
Lin said…
Morning Sioux! I hope your BP is under control and you're feeling much m uch better!! I THINK YOUR FLOWERS ARE AWESOME!! Loose and lovely, bright and delightful!! GO GIRL!
Tammy said…
very good work on the flowers...I think!!
Anonymous said…
I love your drawing/painting. Cool cafe' you went to and I'm glad your BP is down.
Teri C said…
Love the flower Sioux! So bright and happy-just like your blood pressure.sjgdy
Anonymous said…
Oh I love the pics and your drawing is perfect. Glad your BP is down. Love, Hugs, and Blessings
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Beautiful flowers! I would love to visit that cafe, it looks like it would be great fun. My best wishes for a peaceful day full of blessings.
Kai said…
thats a lovely plumeria, they were one of my favorite flowers in Hawaii.
I think your interpretation of them is stunning.
PEace, Kai.
Susie said…
What a fun cafe. So glad to hear you had a good day!
Love your drawing..
Gemma said… the dark value in the background...makes the flower really stand out
Brooke said…
I've been to that cafe and it's just so cute and good food. Always busy. Everytime I'm in WFord it's closed. Though we don't go more often

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