Snow in Texas, Blood Pressure, Art--Good Day

After 5 days of ice with temperatures not over 30˚F, today we woke up to over 2" of snow. Beautiful. Our schools and all the schools around were closed. Tarleton was closed, and John drove up to pick up his business law text which had come in the mail...and to play in the snow with Aris! He said it was terribly slick , and it was the first time he had driven on icy highways with his Camaro. I'll be glad when I hear he's back safely in Stephenville.You can see our deck, shed, and workshops, and all the bird feeders. Raf got out yesterday and filled all the feeders, and our dripper dripped most of the time. We had about 8 cardinals, juncos, goldfinches, white winged doves, Eurasian collared doves, kinglets, wrens, and tons of sparrows. I didn't see the hawk today...he would have had a snack if he had showed up.

Also, Raf got up early and took Turtle to the vet...she was fixed today, and she didn't even know she was broken! We'll pick her up tomorrow.

My blood pressure stayed in the 140's most of the day, and I felt so much better. No head pain and bulging eyes. Oh, my, the Lotrel and Toprol are working, I think. Thank God and all of you for your prayers!

I drew this mandala today as the first challenge in the Stroud book I spoke of yesterday, The Artist's Muse. I think it going to be a great book, but it's a little dated, in the sense it is speaking of 9-11 and was written right after that. I titled this "I am the Light of the World". See the empty cross representing Christ Risen, the lightening for light, triangles for the Trinity, circles to represent world without end, and red drops of blood representing Christ's passion and death. Pen and ink, Twinkling H2O's, gel pens.

This maze was done January 15. Pen and ink and colored pencils.
This Monster Cat was drawn yesterday...I think I was feeling like this cat looks...pen and ink on lined papers (what I had by me at the time).
So, there is my day, my friends. God bless you all and keep you safe until the morrow.


Great on the BP!!! That is great news Sioux.
Glad you are feeling better, what could be worse than bulging eyes!
OH! YOur art is amazing. I love the symbolism in your mandala. Beautiful!
Kelli said…
Yay! I'm glad you are feeling better! We had a snow day too. I heard Fort Worth was shut down for most of the morning! Your back yard looks beautiful with the snow and feeders. I enjoyed hearing about your birds. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us too!
Beemoosie said…
I am glad you are feeling better! Let that creativity flow! We have ice and about 3 inches of snow up here and no school closings!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Beautiful work. A friend and I once had a mandala quilt challenge going on, it's been dropped for now; but I just love the format. Your art work on display today has renewed my interest in that, I think I'll call her. SO GLAD you're doing better.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
E-mail me at: Voigt @ and I will respond to yours regarding Quilt Ministry, one of the largest blessings in my life. Somehow the e-mail "link" won't work from your blog; at least it won't work for me! Grrr...
Prayers continue for restored health and warmer, safer weather!
Big hugs to you!!
Susie said…
Such good news about the BP! Love all your drawings, but the cat ones are always my favorite.
Glad it's you that has snow and not us. (We have the cold though!)
Anonymous said…
I never realized you could get snow & ice in Texas. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog.
Gemma said…
Beautiful art Souix. So glad the BP is more stable.
Teri C said…
Soux, how exciting that you are taking this journey from "The Artist Muse" with me. Love your mandala. I think it is only dated because of the reference to 911, but the ideas are great. I am now into a section that is SO abstract I am having trouble getting into it. My logical brain is rebelling:)

Your photos are great!
AnnieElf said…
You may be housebound but you sure are making great use of the time. Love the cat.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...You are such a darling, visiting Jel the way you did.
She is such a sweet girl and whenever she visits anybody's blog, she is always such a help..
A little while back I was down in the dumps and she not only emailed me, but she sent me some "cheer up" cyber space messages.

I was so glad to hear that your blood pressure is going down..

Ha! Poor "broken" Turtle!!
Well I hope you told her it was for the best though because I find when that is done that a kitty will stick to home and won't go wandering off so easily.
That Turtle knows when she has it good though.
She won't be leaving home any time soon..She is spoiled rotten!!

Your mandala is so precious!
I remember one time when my friend was buying a gold chain and he was looking for one with Jesus on the cross. I told him,.."David the cross is empty now. Jesus died there for our sins , but He has risen from the dead!!"
How fitting your mandala is Sioux!
And oh the triangles, representing the Trinity...just lovely..

Take care, now ...I will be able to write to you tomorrow...I am off a day from work.... I wanted to write you this morning before I went to work but I just so wanted to see if Jel will be on soon...Love Terry

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