Not a good day

I haven't drawn today, but I will. This has been a foul day today...daughter/grandchildren problems. Some of you know about it, but I just am not going to go on about it here.

Love and ((((HUGS)))) to you all.


Tammy said…
have you ever drawn a rose?
I would love to request a rose...purdy please!!
judie said…
Ah, Sioux. Been there, done that! Yeah, best you just don't dwell on it. Just create something and you will feel better. Did I tell you I love my ATC's? Especially the Macaw. You captured the "look" perfectly!
Susie said…
Sorry it's been a less than good day.
Wishing you happier tomorrows!
Sheila said…
It will be okay, it takes time for everyone to adjust.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...I don't know ANYTHING about it because Bernie and I never did have kids and I don't even know about the GOOD times either...Shucks!

Anyways I hope everything is alright, my friend!
I look at your blog more than once a day to see your nice drawings!!....Love Terry

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