Secret Challenge Meme

Lisa at Joyful Noise Christian School challenged us to the following quiz, which is known as the Farkleberry Five. It was sent to Farkleberry by Yen. The challenge is to list 5 little known things about yourself. Here are mine.

  1. I have a scar on the palm of my right hand where I fell on the floor furnace as a child...while running away from my daddy because I had misbehaved. I could add the next to as two more, but they are the same thing, sort of. I have a scar on my right eyebrow where I ran into the edge of the door. Why? Because I had misbehaved, and I was running from my father. AND. I have a scar on my back where I cut it on the pick up while trying to get out of the bed of the truck...WHY...well, you know the reason. BTW, if any of you remember the song, Daddy's Hands, it is very much about my daddy. He loved me when I was good, and he paddled me when I wasn't. He was a wonderful daddy! I, however, misbehaved A LOT!
  2. Once I was standing in the kitchen of an old house I lived in in the country when a mouse ran across my feet. I thought I would probably get rabies!
  3. I was a barrel racer as a child and youth. My daddy was a cowboy, and we rodeoed all the time. My best friend, Dianne, and I played cowboys and Indians on horseback a lot. We had fun!!!!!!
  4. My boyfriend in 3rd grade, Jerry Beason...yep, Lisa, I remember his name, too, skipped school to go smoke grape vines at the river. He came back into the school after it was over. My mother and I were visiting with my teacher, and I turned around and punched him in the nose...knocked him down. I don't remember the consequences of this action.
  5. In 8th grade my girlfriend, Pat's, father was our history teacher. She and I were office aides, and she had not done her homework. She asked to copy mine, and I let her, and he caught us. I was so embarrassed...she wasn't, as I recall.
So, now you know some deep, dark secrets. BTW, Dianne and are still very close friends!!!!


Great secrets! Wow you are quite a fiesty little thing. LOL
I did your quiz, I have changed 20%. Whatever that means!
I loved that old photo of you and your hub.
Too cute!
Susie said…
I saw this on Lisa's and thought it was very cute! "smoked grape vines"??
never head of that one!!!
Gemma said…
Souix...your pictures are so cute.
Just hate getting scars from being bad....but at least you have a permanent reminder to be good.
Michelle said…
That was fun to read! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!
Pamela said…
Love that you shared some of your childhood memories, Sue. Kind of makes me feel sorry for you doing all that running just to get away from your Daddy. Glad you clarified that he was a good Daddy! :) You must have been a little dickens! lol

Enjoy the rest of your evening and hope you stay warm.
Tammy said…
I loved this Sioux!!
Sounds like you were a little!!
Thanks for being a great friend to one and all!!
mrsnesbitt said…
I now have a new scar......teeth marks! LOL!
Morning Glory said…
Thanks for sharing your deep, dark secrets with us. I promise I'll only tell one person at a time.
Sheila said…
You were a spitfire it seems...I enjoyed reading this about you..
a real tom boy by the sound of it..
Kai said…
wonderful sharing's the groovie little quirks like these that make you so unique Sioux!!
Peace, Kai.
Susie Q said…
Well, what a spitfire you were dear Sioux! I love it! This was such fun to read!
Have a great Wednesday!
PEA said…
Lol I loved's always so much fun to find out these little "unknown" things about someone:-) I had to laugh when you mentioned all your scars which occured while you were running away from your dad because you had misbehaved...too cute! Hugs xox
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Playing cowboys and indians on horseback! Wow, that really does
sound like fun. Great post, Sioux!
Lisa said…
Loved learning more about you! Thanks for playing along! *Smile*
Anonymous said…
Love the secrets :).

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