Relative Size and What's Happenin'

My friend, Dianne...the one I've talked about before. My mother used to say we've known each other since before we were born. Well, Di sent me this and I found it totally interesting.

Most of us have an idea of the relative size of the planets and sun, but it's rather dazzling to see it presented this way:

Wow, what did you think of that? Just goes to show how small we are when compared to God's universe.

Today was an interesting day. I started an a third blood pressure pill because the doctor didn't think the low 140's/high 130's was low enough. It's a diuretic so I must take potassium because of that little seizure I had about 12 years ago. So, anyway, we got up and went to get my hair cut and then to Sewing World in Fort Worth so that my Brother Innovis 4000D could be cleaned before it's first year ran out (this Saturday).
Then we went to Kites Cleaners to get Father Phelps vestments and to Kincaids for a hamburger.
Then we went to Barnes and Noble for a bag-full of books and on to Central Market for WONDERFUL food.
And what I didn't tell yet is that we booked a Cruise to Alaska for next August. It's through the Dallas Classical music station WRR (listen online). We've traveled around the USA a lot, as some of you know, but this will be our first cruise...and, oh, first we go to Vancouver, so Violette, watch out, we are coming two days early so we can meet you!!


Sheila said…
Well that was a busy day.
I hope the new pills help.
A cruise sounds wonderful, and from what I've heard that is a beautiful one.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
That's exactly where I want to go! Sioux, you're so lucky!! Good news re: BP, sounds like things are getting more manageable. The relative sizes of the planets FLOORED me! Oh, and Sioux, for the record, I'm 53.5 yrs!! Old, huh?
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...I am going to try and put comment on again.
I think my computer must be acting up or something.

This is so nice that you will be going on a cruise. It is nice that you have so much time to plan for it.

It sure seems like you have a good doctor and that he is trying his hardest to get your blood pressure down.... Everybody is praying for you too!

What kind of books did you buy in Barnes and Noble? Is it a second hand book store?...I love book stores!!

That Hamburger Place sounds good too!!

Well I am off to pick my mom up for prayer meeting and I will be thinking of you Sioux...and of Turtle too!!...Love Terry
Tammy said…
I can't pass up a Barnes and Noble...Have to get a coffee and at least one book!
PEA said…
Sounds like you had a busy day but a fun one:-) I had never really realized before just how tiny earth is compared to all those other planets! That's why I always say we can't be the only people around...there's gotta be something else out there..somewhere!!! Hugs xox
jel said…
yes it sounds like you had a fun busy day! :)
Rose said…
Wartch that blood pressure hun. I hope the pills work. It sounds like you had a busy day.
Morning Glory said…
You will love, love, love your Alaska cruise. I've been on one to AK where I took a group of people (I'm a travel agent), and we're going on one to Alaska this July because I've earned a free one. Too bad we're not on the same cruise -- we could meet. I'm excited for you!
Thanks for coming by my blg. I enjoyed the pictures. I've never thought about the size of th planets before. It was very interesting.
Susie said…
Sounds like a fun filled day! We have been on two Alaska cruises one from Vancouver and one from Seattle. Loved them both!
Kai said…
those are so facinating ..I love the planets, heavens , stars..
Where's my space ship when I need one? lol..
Peace, Kai.

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