Today was a beautiful day the 50's. We went to church, and there was a wonderful congregation...I believe our congregation is growing.

I am endeavoring to draw every day, so I drew this goofy cat just to keep up with drawing daily. I am really trying to draw cats...they're hard, and I messed up the eyes, but I DREW!!
Yesterday I drew this Faces of Woman.
Last night we had the annual Altar Guild party. This is the group who attended: Connie, Meredith, Doris, Elizabeth, Allie, Mary, Shari, and I. I took the photo, and Gayle, Frana, and Barbara were not there. Father and Kate came after I took the photo.
I'm now sitting in my recliner with my laptop and Turtle in my lap, watching Sleepers...a very sad movie.


Terry said…
Ha! Sioux...Goofy-eyed or not that sure is one cute kitty!!!

That Turtle seems to be lounging in the lap of luxury these days!!
The other cats are going to get JEALOUS and so is the old dog!!...from Terry
Sheila said…
I like your goofy eyed cat Sioux, and the one on your lap sounds like she has soon made herself right at home with you.
Janet said…
The cat is so cute and I don't think it has goofy eyes. Good for you to draw every day.

Turtle seems to be ruling the house....just as it should be!!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Keep up the good work, I admire your diligence.
JoyceAnn said…
Sioux , Love your goofy-eyed kitty.You did a wonderful job on that cat.

That e-card you sent for Christmas was so much fun.My grandson , who is 2 , just loved it.Everytime he saw me on the computer , he wanted to watch the horse.

Thanks for the card and all the special moments it gave me with Jake.

Hope your day is blessed!
Teri C said…
Love that cutie cat and the woman's faces is great.

So good to see you sketching everyday.
Pam Aries said…
I, too, love the kitty! Sometimes pure art is the best! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter! I hope and pray all seetles soon! My thoughts are with you all!
Tammy said…
I loved your goofy eyed cat...I look at Clarence and sometime think I would like to draw him...he has such beautiful lines!!
What delightful art work Sioux. Haven't been in touch for a while, but will be back soon to have a proper look. I absolutely LOVE the faces of women!!!!

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