Studio and Drawing

Raf and I have finally cleaned my studio. I could not have done any of it without him...or anything else for the last 9 weeks! So here is what it looks like.

This is my Brother embroidery/sewing machine plus the Dell laptop and the light table.
Here is my mixed media space. And, oh, someone's going to get a 4X4 I'm making...wonder who it will be?!?
Here's storage...some bins are overflowing (see the shilouette of trees in the glowing sunset sky).
Here's the MAC desktop, scanner, printer, etc.
Filing cabinet with lots of artwork from friends!

I did draw today, and I will post it if my email starts working again. It was working until about two hours ago...then poof, it stopped. I scanned it on my desktop and emailed it to my laptop...desk top does not want to talk to blogger. So if anyone has emailed me in the last few hours, please do it again after I get this blog up with the drawing!!

Back again when I can get my drawing of Turtle sleeping.


Kai said…
that's a groovy space you have there.. You look so organized!!
I look forward to your art..
Peace, Kai
Sheila said…
What a lovely big space to create in. Mine gets messy very quickly, because it's so small.
Hats off to Raf, for the job he did..!
How wonderful Raf helped you and what a good job! Do you think he would mind hopping a plane and helping me organize mine? I may need a bulldozer though. Yours looks so tidy and well organized, so lucky are you to have a space to accomodate the computer, sewing machine etc.
Thank you for all your loving kindness GPSister - I so appreciate it!!
Keep creating!!
Big Love,
Morah said…
I love seeing other sewing rooms....
Janet said…
That is one organized space you have! Wish mine looked half that good. You have given me a few good ideas though just by looking at how you've set things up. Now I guess I'll have to get in my studio and make it look good!
lila said…
Thanks for the photos of your studio!
I make quilts and other art too! My holiday company just left and though I miss them, I have my studio space back!

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