January 2...a good day

Yesterday I got a back brace that Dr. Davé recommended and wore it half a day. Last night my back hurt all night. Today I have put on the brace all day, took a pain pill, and walked. I have been walking on the treadmill for a week now. I am up to 14 minutes at 1.3mph, and so today I walked .3 miles. Tomorrow I will walk 15 minutes, and I am going to hold it there for about a week. Remember my goal is to walk the 3 miles around Radnor Lake in Nashville on May 5...our 30th anniversary.

I, with Raf's help, have finally almost cleaned my studio. We are still finding things the raccoon did!! Tiny finger prints on stuff.

Went to H2JO for an Italian Cream Soda...finally got them to use Club Soda instead of Sprite. Raf got his regular mocha.

I drew this little chickadee on an ATC -size watercolor paper and sent it to a Glitter Sister. I got my Swap-Bot potholders and recipe ready to go tomorrow to New York. This is my 4th Swap-Bot swap, and while some people don't play fair, I've had good luck so far!

I am back to listening to KUT Radio out of Austin and San Angelo. They really have eclectic music, and I really like it. I play it on i-TUNES.

So...that's today. Hope everyone had a good January 2.


Lisa said…
Sounds like you're really making progress! I'm so glad. I know you'll walk around that lake. I love the chickadee.
Teri C said…
What a cutie chick! Great job on this perky fellow.
Kai said…
thats a lovely little bird.I smiled because I have some on my feeder outside and they look just like your lovely little treasure!!
Peace, Kai
Toni said…
glad to see you drawing again Sioux.

Take it slow and steady and you will make that walk with your husband come May
Great picture Sioux...love it!
I am still working on feeders for the little birds here...peanut butter ones.
Glad you are on your way with the walking...I KNOW you will do your walk in May.
Good luck!
Sheila said…
I love your little bird. The chickadees are so sweet.
Stick to your plan and you will walk around that lake in May, no problem..!
Susie said…
Love the chickadee! Glad you got some help for your back with the brace!
Thank you for coming by my blog, and for showing me the way back to yours!
Your faith and determination will have you walking around the lake before May I assume!!
Heart of Rachel said…
What a nice drawing. Art is really a magnificent way of expression.

Keep up your healthy exercise routine. It's a great way to start the year right.

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