Well, the old blood pressure when up, up, up again, and I went to the doctor. He said we must get it down, so I took the rescue drug, and I am to begin my old meds tomorrow morning. I do feel some better, and I'm just chillin' and watching an old version of Charmed. I have drawn, but I haven't scanned...will do it later. See ya then!


I so hope they can get your BP under control and keep it a much better level. Do they know what could be causing this jump? Take care of yourself dear Sioux!
Terry said…
Dear Sioux..I am sorry to hear about your blood pressure acting up again.
I hope that the medicine will work..

I couldn't write earlier today because we had power failure most of the day here in Welland. We are getting earlier than usual ice storms.
Generally speaking, we get them in February but it seems the seasons are all getting mixed up these days!
We should really be under a heavy blanket of snow but I am not complaining!!

Well take care my friend and God's blessings on you and please get better!...Love Terry

Give the Turtle a hug from your Canadian friend, even though he is one spoiled kitty!!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
There must be a reason for the roller coaster readings; I am sure the medical professionals will work this out ASAP. I am praying for restored health... in the meantime, stay in "chill" mode and rest, take good care.
Anonymous said…
I hope the medications will get your BP under control.
Sheila said…
Keep chillin' Sioux. Hopefully it will soon be back in the normal range.
Take care of yourself..xx
Kelli said…
Sorry to hear about your blood pressure...I hope the meds work soon.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...I am off to work now until tomorrow evening.Please know that I will be praying for you!!...Love Terry

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