One More Day

Today was the day we planned my first shopping trip to Fort Worth since October. Yesterday I went to the doctor...and he upped my blood pressure meds. Today during the trip the blood pressure shot up to 184/91. Talked to the doctor, and he upped the old meds. He says it will take about 5 days to stabilize. So I am just going to chill for a day or so. Raf still have to move some more of Carolyn's stuff. Carolyn, btw, is the happiest I have seen her in years. Her friend, with whom they are living, is a God-send!

Anyway, here's my cat of the day, a study, especially of the lone eye.


Ninnie said…
So sorry to hear about your bp problems. Hope upping the meds works. Glad to hear Carolyn is happier than you have seen her in years. Love the cat pic.
Sue said…
Your cat pictures are great. I dont know what you mean about looking like cats before the end of the year. They look fabulous to me. Thanks for sharing and take care.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Take care of yourself, Sioux. The cat is cute as a button.
Teri C said…
You are going to be an expert on sketching cats cuz you are well on the way!!

Hope everything turns out okay with the BP.

Susie said…
Take care of yourself. I'm sure you know that stress and worry don't help your BP. That's much easier said than done to "try not to worry!"
Love your kitty drawings..
Gail said…
Cats are some of my favorite people, I love the drawings. Will send up some prayers about your BP.Take care of yourself.
Susan said…
Good cat study, and the eye is fabulous! Isn't BP a scary thing? When we were finding a baseline for mine last summer, I was sure I was going to keel over at any moment. I've always had *low* blood pressure and then to find it had switched to high when my hormones said goodbye - what a shock!

Hoping it stabilizes fast for you. Hope you get another shot at shopping in Ft. Worth! I loved that city at night. Do they still have the buildings outlined in colored lights? Haven't been through there in a while. =)
Kai said…
you should make a cat book of all your little sketches sioux, they are super..
Sorry to here about your health probbies, bit of a drag.. but I know you are in good care and angels watch you..
PEace, Kai.
Meditate Sioux. Try it. It lowers BP.
Quiet reflective breathing.
Terry said…
Boy Sioux...I sure wish that Sir Galahad's ghost would give ME a wee visit once in awhile!
What's the guy doing in Texas anyway??..hee hee .....Love Terry

Such a NICE picture!

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