Second Monday post

Well, I tried more turned out ok...the others, well, you can see!

This was last week's mixed media piece. It is a 4"X4" piece.


Sorry, I was distracted....I mean drawing.
Sheila said…
That kitty on the top right looks like he means business Sioux...!!
Terry said…
That cat has such a manly face. I think I love him already!!...Love Terry

You know what? Even your cats that you say didn't turn out are a whole lot better than I could EVER draw!

Thank you for visiting me Sioux...
Mama Heffalump said…
The mixed media piece is very nice! I love the colors! *Smile*

Has anyone told you that the cat in the middle looks like one of the bad guys out of the movie Gremlins? *Wink*
Gemma said…
I think all the cats are the big ears.
Teri C said…
Very interesting piece of mix of mixed media. I do like the cat sketch-you have the face perfect.
Susie said…
Your drawings are so talented! I also find that mixed media piece very interesting..
I've tagged you for a meme if you feel up to it?

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