Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Once again the weather was beautiful last weekend.  Sad, however, because the fires have started up again in our county because of the little rain and long-standing drought we are having here.

However, here are the photos of our Mother's Day celebration.  Carolyn and Joey went  with us to church, Kathi, Christi, Mary, and a friend of Joey's joined us a El Paseo and then back at the house.

I had told the girls I wanted yard art, so that was my Mother's Day gift.  Beautiful!  Also, dinner at El Paseo and a rose!

As it was Ascension Sunday and the Bishop's annual visit, we had a great turn-out at church.  Raf played and sang "The Church's One Foundation".

 Joey and Carolyn

 More than our normal 20 at Mass!

 Bishop Iker prays
 Eating at El Paseo...Carolyn, Raf, Justin, Joey
 Kathi, Christi, Carolyn
 Justin, Joey, Mary
 Kathi, Christi, Carolyn

 In the back garden

 One of the Knock Out rose bushes we got at Stuart Nursery in Weatherford
 Yard Art...the girls gave me two big flowers and a butterfly to go with what we already have

 Hollyhock and petunia

 My rose on the left

One more of Joey and Justin


Friday, May 10, 2013

rmmga DFW Gathering #13, 2013

This was part of our 36th anniversary celebration.  Each year rmmga, rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic, meets in various places around the globe.  This is in Glen Rose, Texas, at the Oak Dale Campground which is older than I am!  The next gathering will be in Wimberley, Texas, in October.

  Clare Bjorkman and Sue Risner
 John Bjorkman, Marci Harden, Stan Milam, Tom Risner
 Marci and Stan
 Tom and Raf
 John, Tom, and Raf
 Inside the Hangout getting ready for the song circle
 Betty Bailey Moss whom I have known since second grade
 Song Circle begins
 Song Circle
Raf, John, and Marci

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Serve and Protect

Our oldest grandson, John, is a police officer.  We are very proud of him!  As we always are.  He is a wonderful man!


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