Saturday, June 30, 2007

Almost Ready

Raf just took this of one of our tomatoes ... a Celebrity. Isn't the claritly remarkable!! It had just stopped raining...see the drops on the bottom of the fruit?

Blog Rating...and Sadly

Sadly, because of the "No Child Let Behind" theory in the public schools of America, I find it quite necessary to publish this political cartoon by Gorrell. I strongly support the war in Iraq, but the theory Laura Bush encouraged her husband to push through the public schools is ridiculous. All children/people are not the same. God created us all differently, and what works for one will not necessarily work for another! As a teacher I am here to tell you, this "No Child Left Behind" is garbage! So in that way, as well as on immigration, Mr. Bush definitely left his conservative values far behind!

I saw this on Susie's blog. I got this rating because the word "murder" appeared twice! Oh, well, this blogging is murder! ;>)

Online Dating

Hope your day is good...ours is. It's even sunny...but another storm approaches from the west. 50% chance of rain for the foreseeable future.

Blessings to you all.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Brazos River Flood, June (actually all spring) 2007

Central Texas has been in flood stage for weeks...months, actually. The past week Marble Falls, Texas, on the Colorado River got 18" of rain in one day. Today we heard that the Brazos River at Dennis, Texas, was over flood stage. Flood stage is 25 feet, but the River at Dennis was up to 27 feet and rising. I have never seen this much water here, but it's better than drought. I pray no one else is injured or left homeless, however the farmers are having their best crops in years. There is hay rotting in the fields, but we will have drinking water this summer. We are thankful for the rain, and we pray for those who have lost everything.

The first video is between Possum Kingdom and Lake Granbury on US Highway 281. The second one is on Lake Granbury. They were taken today.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Joey has shipped out

We took Joey to Weatherford, Texas, yesterday evening about 5, where his recruiter and another recruit joined him. The recruiter drove the guys to Dallas, and they flew out this morning for Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, for 13 weeks of boot camp. When I get Joey's address, I will post it here so that anyone who might like to could send him a card. He is not allowed "care packages" until after boot camp. That's the Marine way, I guess. Please say a prayer for Joey as he begins this new phase of his life.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home Again...and it's good to be back!

It didn't rain on us much when we were in the Valley, but it sure had rained here since we've been gone! It has been a very wet, thank God, summer, and so everything here is GREEN!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Final Day...Homeward Bound

Yesterday was our final full day in Brownsville. We went to several natural areas and parks and added 6 new birds to our life list. We are not extreme birders, but when the iron is hot, so to speak, we strike! Two I'm most excited about are the Green Parakeet and the Red-Crowned Parrot. So now we are taking a late start but are getting ready to go up the Valley and turn for home. We'll probably stay in Johnson City tonight and motor the rest of the way tomorrow. I hope this give some of you a better view of yet another part of Texas.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday on the South Coast of Texas

As this part of Texas is tropical, there are loads of beautiful flowers. Yesterday we spent the day, first eating breakfast at the Grapevine on South Padre Island and next a visit to the Texas Cathouse...for gifts for some of the grandchildren. Then we motored on down the road until we got to the entrance to the beach, and we drove up the beach a little ways. The beach has not recovered from Hurricane Rita, so it's not nearly as nice as in previous years. But I waded in the water while Raf took photos. Then we drove back through Port Isabel, past its light house and on to Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. The photos and movies below are in the order they were taken.

Laguna Atascosa, a National Wildlife Refuge, is located in Cameron County, the southern most county in Texas.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Boca Chica Bay

This is the southern-most tip of Texas. In the first still photo, there is a tower. That tower is in Mexico. This is the mouth of the Rio Grande River. It is quite shallow and not very far across. We encountered the Border Patrol several times on the beach and on Boca Chica Boulevard leading to the beach from Brownsville. We were checked at a Border Patrol station as we came back north from the beach. The guards have a huge, dangerous job patrolling the river and its environs. I am thankful that they're there.

The other photos are of flowers and cactus along the way...and one up close of a salt cedar that our biologist friend, Jim, tells us is very invasive. Hope you enjoy these photos...and especially the music of the Gulf of Mexico in the movie. Check back tomorrow for more of our trip. Hopefully we'll see the blue green jay.

Raf and the Fishes

Here is the photo of Raf with his redfish in the middle and the speckled trout the other guys caught on either side. For more on the trip please check out the previous post.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Laguna Madre Bay Fishing Trip +Father's Day

Raf, along with his Air Force buddy (left) Bob Berry, and Bob's son, Troy Berry, got up at 4:30 to be on Laguna Madre by 6 am. They got to see the sunrise and to fish all morning. Everyone caught fish, but Raf caught the biggest fish, a redfish 28" long. We just ate half of him...the other half will be an afternoon snack tomorrow. Yummm he was good, and the guys really enjoyed their morning! Raf had never been bay fishing and really enjoyed it. They were taken out by Bode's Bay Fishing and Beyond, Captain Herb Bode, of South Padre Island, Texas.

This afternoon we went to Bob and Gunni's house for a Father's Day meal of delicious barbecue. Bob's son Troy and his wife Raquel, along with their three children and a niece, were there. We watched the end of the US Open, and Raf was delighted as all three of our girls called to wish him happy Father's Day. It was, as usual at Bob and Gunni's house, a wonderful day.

Carolyn's Birthday and the new camper + cat photos

As most of you know, Thursday was Carolyn's 40th birthday. Her older sister, Kat, and her kids came, as John, Joey, and Bethy had planned to take Carolyn out to dinner. We ate at Shotguns', a barbecue cafe in Mineral Wells. There were 10 of us, including Kat, Dani, Tim, Raf, me, Carolyn, John, Arsi, Joey, and Bethy. We got Carolyn an iPod Shuffle, Kat got her a bunch of books, lotion, and bath water. After the meal, we all went back to our house, and we showed the kids the new below.

We went back in the house to rest after the party...before leaving for Brownsville the next day. Jake (black and white) and Turtle helped us rest...we love the way Turtle was lying.

Raf went bay fishing with Bob this morning. I will post the photos tomorrow. Raf caught a 28" red fish...the biggest fish caught today.


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