Brazos River Flood, June (actually all spring) 2007

Central Texas has been in flood stage for weeks...months, actually. The past week Marble Falls, Texas, on the Colorado River got 18" of rain in one day. Today we heard that the Brazos River at Dennis, Texas, was over flood stage. Flood stage is 25 feet, but the River at Dennis was up to 27 feet and rising. I have never seen this much water here, but it's better than drought. I pray no one else is injured or left homeless, however the farmers are having their best crops in years. There is hay rotting in the fields, but we will have drinking water this summer. We are thankful for the rain, and we pray for those who have lost everything.

The first video is between Possum Kingdom and Lake Granbury on US Highway 281. The second one is on Lake Granbury. They were taken today.


Wow that is an awful lot of water. And Florida and California are having fires! Too many things out of balance right now.
smilnsigh said…
Oh yes, the news out of TX is so sad. I do hope you don't have any personal damage.

Just checking.... I have no idea when family can expect to hear from Joey but... I'm thinking of him. A tough time, he is going through. But it's necessary, to train/protect them later. And they are young and strong. And brave. And wonderful.

Hugs to you all,

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