Joey has shipped out

We took Joey to Weatherford, Texas, yesterday evening about 5, where his recruiter and another recruit joined him. The recruiter drove the guys to Dallas, and they flew out this morning for Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, for 13 weeks of boot camp. When I get Joey's address, I will post it here so that anyone who might like to could send him a card. He is not allowed "care packages" until after boot camp. That's the Marine way, I guess. Please say a prayer for Joey as he begins this new phase of his life.


Kai said…
My daughter Kelisa's dad is a marine and I know how much mail means to them..
So I'll will send a card when you post the address,
Semper Fi Joey..
Peace, Kai xx
Susie Q said…
I would love to send Joey a package when he is settles and you post the address. We are retired military as I guess you know and love our servicemen and women. WE can not do enough for them. Of course he will be in our thoughts and hearts.

Susie said…
Please thank Joey in advance for his service to our great country.
PEA said…
I will certainly keep Joey in my prayers...he's a wonderful brave young man to be willing to serve his country this way. All the best to him!! Sue, I received your package today...thank you so much:-) I mailed yours out this morning so hopefully it won't take too long to reach you!! xox
smilnsigh said…
Oh thank you for reminding me of this! Duhh me, I'd forgotten the date.

I am proud of him, but not nearly as proud as you and his whole family. Of course I fear for our military. But I counter this fear, with so much admiration and gratitude, that there are warriors who are willing to learn to protect us.

I am very, very aware of the warrior concept and admire it so. I have {and still do} Net-know and follow many, in their blogs, over years. My admiration knows no bounds.

Yes please share his address, as soon as you get it.

Hugs to you and his whole family,
smilnsigh said…
And what a beautiful new look & name here!

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Prayers for Joey's safety, he is one handsome young man. I know how proud you must be!
Rodrigo said…
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Saying a prayer right now!
Dawn said…
Blessings on Joey. Is he your grandson? I must have missed a few posts along the line somewhere.

My nephew is at West Point and Boot Camp is a very lonely time - he couldn't even have mail.

Just like Teen Challenge! The first few weeks were without word from home. Total focus time!
Kelli said…
I will say a prayer for Joey as he starts this new chapter in his life. What a handsome and brave young man!
I will be praying for all of you. I would love to send some little something to him when we can! It will be my honor!
Tinker said…
Wishing him the best of luck in his new life path - I'll keep your Joey in my prayers, Sioux.

Glad to see you back.
Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! ..I am sorry I haven't been by, but sometimes I cannot get your blog to fully load and it freezes up every time! So I am at a different place and thought I would try here...YAY! ..I HATE to see young men going off to train for is so very sad. My prayers are with you and Joey...Would you email me at..pamaries52at hotmail dot com
Amy Grant said…
You must be so proud! I will have to check back to see when you post the address!

I come from a military family. I love doing whatever I can to help!
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
I have been praying for your Joey since I read of him leaving high sckool at the same time as my daughter.
He loos so nice and young. Too young for the marines in my chicken mother opinion.
Of cours I'll keep on praying.
Thank you for praying for Serina. She is much better now nad with God's help will have a full recovery.
She's also leaving home late August for a year in a Christian boarding shool.
After that she can take up whatever study she like, probably languages or photo.
We have a different university system in Norway. No campus. The students have to care for own accomodation. That might be complicated. On the other side the students all get scholarships and a loan from government, so anyone who wants can study in any Norwegian, even foreign universities no matter rheir parents income. That's a good thing, I think.
Well, I'll not forget young Joey, may the Lord let his shielding atms around him.

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