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Memorial Day -- for Daddy (this is a photo of his parents)

Jelly Jar -- Al Sato and Tom Metcalf+6

Rose from John

Sorry for Illustration Friday

IMT-Abstract Art--Birth of a Butterfly

4X5 Chunky Book -- North Texas Group

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EDM Challenge #67 Mother

Cloth, Paper ,Scissors Blog Swap

Christi's Dragonfly Jacket

Lindsay Tagged Me!!

Pine in Bloom--and home, again

Almost home...Thursday night

Monday night...Tuesday

Monday...Findlay OH and Mary Lynn

Findlay OH--Sunday

Celebrating Seibert 29 and Wonder 45 Anniversaries

Zenieopole PA--29 years of married bliss!!

Wednesday in Ellicott City, Catonsville, Towson MD

A Day with The Sister Julia Mary of All Saints

Catonsville--All Saints Convent