Wednesday in Ellicott City, Catonsville, Towson MD

Today the Sisters were in retreat, so we couldn't go to the convent. We got up late and went to Forest Diner for breakfast. We have been to a couple of diners, but this one really looks like what I, as a Texan and unused to diners, expect one to look like.

Then we went to Towson, which is north of Baltimore, to visit Plaza Art. This is the same chain we visited in Nashville...boy, I wish they would come to Texas! They are wonderful. While in Towson, we went to Barnes and Noble and got books and magazines.

Then we went back to Appalachian Bluegrass Music, as well as Jim's and Bill's, all on the same block in Catonsville. Also on that block was the Seafood Hutt, and I had a fresh soft-shell crab...delicious!

We drove back through Ellicott City because it is such a wonderful little town...then back to the campground, where I washed a load of clothes and Raf took photos a glued a loose strip in the trailer.

Now for a quiet night and on to Pittsburgh tomorrow.


"Maggie" said…
This diner picture is so inviting, what a perfect place this would be to sit down and sketch people coming and going. Thank you for your comments and support, I do appreciate it so much. Lovely photos of your travels. It is amazing as you say, when you are in the house of the Lord the peacefulness one feels, like no other.

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