Lindsay Tagged Me!!

OK, here goes these highly interesting details of my life (remember yesterday we returned from a month-long trip).

1. 5 things in my Fridge
1. a moldy, shriveled white eggplant
2. sealed carton of Tazo Chai Tea
3. three jars of yeast
4. container of limp butter lettuce
5. package of shriveled cherry tomatoes

2. 5 things in my closet
1. 3 pairs of shoes
2. many belts
3. many slacks
4. many blouses/shirts
5. a few dresses and skirts

3. 5 things in my car
1. a laptop Dell
2. 2 laptop MACs
3. 2 cameras
4. backpack with portable art supplies: paper, journals, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolors, brushes, pens, etc.....
5. 5 folding stools, 2 folding tables, first aid kit, plug in icebox

Now I tag Lin and Jan.


Lin said…
LOL -- I played -- see
Lindsay said…
Man are you prepared with a car stocked with all that stuff!
JaKo said…
Thanks for the tag! I finished my task.

Anyway , 3 computers is really heavy load !
Rrramone said…
Make sure your car is locked with all those laptops in there. :-)
AnastasiaC said…
Woah lots of assets in the car! LOL
nice little peek inside your life
This is what I've been talking about!

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