Zenieopole PA--29 years of married bliss!!

We are at the Indian Brave Campground in Zenieopole PA, just northeast of Pittsburgh. This morning we went to Coraopolis PA to visit places Raf remembered as a child.

Raf's cousin Martha and her husband, Dick, have a camper here year round. Cousin Barb came down from Warren PA, and we had a lovely meal last night and talked, and talked. Then today Martha and Barb went with us to Cory and we saw Dick; we came home; ate lunch; talked some more. Then Barb's husband, Bob, came to get to her to go to their son's home.

Today is our 29th anniversary...tomorrow is Martha and Dick's 45th anniversary. Tomorrow also is Joey's 17th birthday and Kat and Steve's anniversary...Love you all!!

Tonight we are going out to eat with Martha and Dick. Tomorrow Nancy and Bob are coming up and we are all going to Keith's house for Bob Koebley's 70th birthday.

We are having a great time. Raf is so thankful to finally reuniting with his family up here!

So happy whatever to one and all, and us especially, love and hugs and kisses all!


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