Monday night...Tuesday

Don Hindenach came out to the campground last night so that he and Raf could meet and sing and play together. He is such a nice guy, and he and Raf really enjoyed each other's company and music.

I drew this to send to Martha and Dick. We were in Olive Garden taking Mary Lynn out for dinner.

This was from a tree outside Mary Lynn's house. There were goldfinches in their beautiful yellow and black feeding beside the tree.

Today we went to Toledo to get Mary Lynn a new i-MAC. Then we came back through Bowling Green so that Raf could see his university...saw loads of places he had worked and played. Then we went back to Mary Lynn's apartment and got her all lined out on the new computer. Thursday the Time Warner guy will come to hook her up to the net.

Tomorrow we are heading for Texas...should stay in Dickson TN tomorrow night and Texarkana the next night...then HOME!!

May not have the "net" tomorrow night, but we surely will the next stay tuned. . .


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