Jelly Jar -- Al Sato and Tom Metcalf+6

Jelly Jar Band...jazz, blues, swamp, folk, country combined!
A real movin' band!

Just got back from the Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley, Texas, where we caught Al Sato and Tom 6 others...playing way cool music. If you haven't heard them, you need to. They are tremendous!

This was our main reason for coming to Wimberley this weekend...John came with us, too.

We also saw luthier, Jamie Kinscherff, tonight, too!!


Robyn said…
Who had too much to drink that night :-)
Sioux said…
Actually, some ole boy no one knew! I had a sprite, John a coke, Raf two beers, and the band each had a couple of beers...but there was a fellow on the dance floor...dancing to his own tune!

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