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Lessons for Today

Happy Advent!

The Men in my Life

A new Dianne Bracelet

If we don't stop the government NOW. . .

He Arose!

Happy Fall, You All!

Being Green

Come to Minera Wells and Palo Pinto County, Texas!

Clothing Label: Made in America

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Only in America

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Pink Thank You

Del Castillo

Why The Peaceful Majority Is Irrelevant

Children Go Where I Send Thee

The Preacher's Son

From Lou Pritchett of Procter and Gamble

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Obama's Health Care Plan

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Serious Warning!!

Veterans, Texas Arrests, Old People

A Message from the Government to us Seniors

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Chuck Norris kicks Obama: Release birth certificate!

10 Reasons the Government Should Take Over Health Care (NOT)

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Who's in your Wallet?

It's a Simple Answer, After All

ACNA...are you with us?


A Candle

July in Texas


The Monastery 2005, Part 3

Monastery 2005, Part 2

The Monastery 2005, Part 1

Iraq and the Bible

Small Green Swap Bracelet

Happy Independence Day!

More Jewelry

Cotton Country Anglican's View

Red and Purple Twisted Cable Bracelet

Feast Day of St. Peter and St. Paul

This is a Judeo-Christian Nation!

Necklace for a Friend

A Novena...what is it?

Necklace for a Graduate

SwapBot Bracelet

Interview with Journal Bliss author Violette

New Jewelry

Necklace for a special lady

I pray this is true. . .

Past Lent

Titmouse Bandit


Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch is going again!