Obama Concedes Health Insurance Measure

Obama foes turn to ’60s radical for tactical tips

By Edward Luce and Alexandra Ulmer in Washington

Published: August 16 2009 18:07 | Last updated: August 16 2009 18:07

Opponents of Barack Obama’s healthcare proposals are using the tactics of Saul Alinksy, the legendary leftwing activist who helped inspire the US president when he was a young community organiser, says Dick Armey, head of Freedom Works, a group fighting against universal healthcare.

Mr Armey, who was the Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives for most of the 1990s, said his group, which is behind many of the “tea party” protests that have disrupted town-hall meetings in the past two weeks, draws consciously on the forms of agitation pioneered by Mr Alinsky.

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trailbee said…
When I saw this notice my immediate reaction was: how is he going to punish us for daring to dissent. I think he has already found a way, by resurrecting the same gender marriage theme, and down the line, to remove the tax credits for those denominations refusing to perform same sex marriages. I wonder if Jews and Muslims are allowed these credits as well on their income taxes, and if they are going to be included. Just thinking here, just thinking ....
judie said…
Hi Sioux. I thought your preacher joke was really cute. But the letter.....oh my. That person is so totally against everything ...even wind power. There is not even wiggle room in his horrible letter. Such a closed mind and he obviously has not researched for answers to his questions. He must be totally miserable living within the confines of his own small thoughts, corporate giant or not. Well, everyone has an opinion and entitled to it. That's what makes America great! And kudos to you for posting it. xoxoxo

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