Friday, August 31, 2007

Road to Hell-3WW

I drive slowly into the darkness toward
The obscure hotel on the forgotten
Road to hell.

I cannot turn back into the light
It’s too late now me to stop
Too late for me to see.

Down that lonely road I travel on
Weighed on my shoulders with grief
Knowing I grow no older.

I can’t stop the darkened path I’ve chosen
I can’t go back and start again
It’s time, I must depart.

Gotta say, I don't know why I writing this doom and gloom...I don't feel . .

Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Open Window ... Poetry Thursday

An open window…

To my soul you will not see
An open window
A reflection of the spirit
A luminescent quality that might be me

I closed the window long ago
A dark juncture in my life
A time of trust no longer
When I grasped that all were my foes

Don’t try to see inside my psyche
For I will no longer persist in
Emitting light you might descern
In darkness it’s no longer me

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tiny Pretty Thing (The Turtle) `` Haiku, Week 65

Tiny little cat
Curled into a pretty ball
Energy contained

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday Scribblings ... #74, I Get that Sinking Feeling...

I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. You know, like when an elevator plunges to the bottom floor. I’m missing something but I don’t know what it is…or where I should be or what’s going to happen next. And I'm not sure I care!

I’m probably just realizing that I should be doing sometime that I’m not doing, but today I am going to pretend I’m retired.

But pretend, heck, I am retired, and I don’t think retired means what it used to…or at least what I thought it meant. My little computer dictionary defines retirement giving up work, stopping working, packing it in, calling it quits.

Many of my friends who retired before I did, told me that I would be busier than ever once I retired. How could that be, I wondered! But, it’s true. And after three years, it's more than true!

You see, we just got back from a vacation in Alaska. Vacation: break, time off, recess, leave! Frankly, I have never been more exhausted!

We went on a cruise, you see, and everything was planned for us, down to waking time and bedtime…unless we wanted to stay up all night drinking, of course. Hummm…maybe we should have done that. Oh, well, too late!

So, we came home to rest…take a break…take some time off! But every day we have had something to do…a funeral involving food preparation, attendance, and other church matters; then two dinners with friends (we did enjoy that, at least); Altar Guild at church; church services; visits from our daughters and several grandchildren; a friend's family reunion; gun club meeting…and I know I’m forgetting things!

This week we “should” move the RV to the RV parking lot; call both doctors for appointments for the terrible pains in our feet and legs and mole removal; get an estimate on the bathroom remodel; find out why Mother’s headstone hasn’t been completed after two years; contact Life Lock about their services; and fertilize the yard. Of course that isn’t to mention the things that will just crop up!

So, as the sinking feeling continues to grow and my foot aches unstopped, I think I will lie back in my recliner and pretend, just for one day, that retirement really means STOP!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A-Z Meme

I ran across this and thought it was pretty cool, so I did it. If you feel like it, do it, too. Thought this video was way cool!

Without changing the first word after each letter of the alphabet, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.

Accept who you are.
Break with tradition, and do it your way.
Create a happy place to live and play.
Decide on the important things of life.
Explore new natural spaces.
Forgive those who have hurt you.
Give your time and your talents to those who are in need.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Ignore what the news media would like us to believe.
Journey to new places all of the USA and Canada.
Know who you are.
Love those closest to you, but don't smother them.
Manage time more efficiently.
Notice everything around you.
Open your heart to those who distress you.
Play more music in the house.
Question what you hear.
Relax and don't rush so much.
Share your thoughts with others.
Try to be a better Christian every day.
Use the sense God gave you.
Value what you have.
Work on your art and writing every day
X-Ray anything the doctor says needs it.
Yield to God's will.
Zoom toward new heights in your art and writing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alaska...3rd Post

Well, an update on the plane crash...Susie, who is going on the same trip, same ship, tells me that the plane tours in Ketchikan has been cancelled. After three fatal crashes I think it's about time!

We found that Alaska, like other northern climes, celebrates spring and summer with beautiful flowers and plants. Here are some photos Raf took in Ketchikan while we were walking about the town. Wish we had had a car so we could have seen more of it. The people we met were totally gracious, kind, and helpful.

I did find wonderful craft stores including The Silver Thimble Quilt Shop, The Yarn Shop, and The Bead Shop.

This was on the entrance to a tunnel at the harbor.
These hanging baskets were all over town.
This is my favorite ... aren't these foxgloves gorgeous!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Story Continued. . .and Alphabet Soup

Raf is slowly processing his photos. I think he took in access of 500! Hoping for that one good one! This one is of Marjorie Glacier in Glacier Bay. This one is calving. It calved quite a few times while we were there. The ice is so beautiful. The turquoise so vivid. I'd seen photos, but it is breath-taking up close and personal! Our inside cabin was about 5 feet from the fore deck on Deck 6. We and one other couple, nice Canadian couple, were the only ones who used it much. Tremendous views! But rather cool when sailing. However, it wasn't a bit cold when we were stopped in Glacier Bay.Friends of ours from Texas took the same cruise about a month before we did, and he sent us this shot of his daughter in front of the Eagle totem I showed in my past post. Isn't she a lovely junior, I believe.
And more Glitter Sister photos. Wish I didn't looks like such a dufus! Oh, well. from left to right, Sioux, Violette, Nicci, and Giggles.

And, I told you guys about the gifts whey gave us. Violette's the picture and the card, Nicci the two pins, and Giggles, the bracelet (got some many compliments on it!)...and, well, I would show the banana bread, but, well, we ate it that night! YUM...thanks, Bryan!
I've had quite a few comments on my last post. Two people said they didn't see drinking. Now I never said we didn't drink, but the bars opened at 6 am and closed...well, who knows, we were asleep by then. One of my friends said they never went to a bar onboard...they they must of disappearted! Because there was at least one bar on each deck and it was often at mid-ships. Most decks had three or four, and you could go no place without seeing one! The Casino was also very busy, and we had to go through it to get to the dining room.

We did hear a wonderful string quartet called City Lights. They were from Romania and were booked to play on that ship for 6 weeks. Problem was, they played in the small longues and most of the people were so loud it was hard to hear them. They were by far the best act on the ship.

Well, that's all for now. Need to go to the post office and get busy sewing. Will post more later.

Here is the weekly Alphabet Soup entry for Morning Glory:

1. be home safely
2. time flies
3. my life
4. Feet...two that don't hurt (much)
5. Flying...don't like to
6. Fun...having lots of it at home!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Look Back...the good, the bad, and the tragic

ms Zuiderdam, of the Holland American Line Inc.
After spending the night of August 9 in a hotel close to the airport, we left for D/FW at 5:00 am. Arriving at Frontier Airlines, we discovered a line waiting to be processed but no employees to do it. So we waited...and waited...and waited. When we were finally processed, we went through the airport screening, and then (guess what) waited, and waited, and waited to board the plane. Then we flew to Denver (Frontier's every flight must go through Denver). We transfered to another the other end of the Denver airport, and guess what, waited...waited...waited.

We finally arrived in Vancouver BC a little after noon. The travel agent/tour guide told us were would not be able to get into the hotel (Sheraton Wall Centre) until 3, so we boarded a bus and toured Vancouver until 5. Why 5? No one seemed to know, but we did know we were exhausted!!

Then after a two hour rest one of the best parts of the trip happened...we met Violette and G, Giggles and Pepper and Bryan, and Nicci for a great meal. I had borscht, which I had never eaten before...yum. Raf had perogies. These were new to us, and very good! I was the only woman at the table who hadn't made them...but I WILL!

We had to much fun getting to know each other in person, visiting, sharing, smiling, laughing. What a great of the true highlights of the trip! Here are the photos:

I treasure the friends forged on the net which came alive in person. Thanks, gals...and Bryan and G, for a wonderful, wonderful time! We WILL be back to Vancouver!

The next morning we caught a cab and boarded the ms Zuiderdam for our 7-day cruise. Now before I get into everything that happened, let me say, that how we got on the cruise was by hearing an ad of WRR Classical Radio. Thinking that WRR was a good station, we decided to call the travel agent, Sharon Carr Travel in Dallas. The agent in charge of the cruise was Pat Ryan. I never met Sharon Carr, but that she hired a complete, unprofessional ditz like Pat Ryan speaks volumes for me. She never stayed in contact with us,

The first day at sea we went into Tracy Arm Fjord. It was spectacular, and, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the trip. And, yep, the ice is really blue!
From Tracy Arm Fjord we went into Juneau, the capital of Alaska...and unreachable by land! Below is the Mendenhall Glacier. We took a shore excursion into a temperate rain forest. It was beautiful, but the guide wouldn't shut up so we could enjoy it. It was one Green sermon after another, all quoting St. John of Muir! It was about 2 miles up and down and quite tiring for me, but I did it!
Town of Juneau
Mendenhall Glacier (blue ice again)
Then back on the ship. And, by the way, you have to rush from one thing to another...they overlap, so you can easily miss meals. You have to hurry from one end of the ship to another...nothing is ever on the same deck or part of the ship as where you are! We didn't gain weight, because we were always walking for one end of the ship to the other. 'Nuff said!

We went on to Skagway, and we rode the Skagway to White Pass railroad. That was really a treat. The trail climbed and climbed up to the pass at the top of the mountains. You could look out the car and the the wooden trestle you would be on way up on the mountain. The flowers were beautiful, as were the lakes, rivers, and water falls.

From Skagway we went to Glacier Bay. I didn't get many good photos, so I will put some of Raf's on later. Here is the only photo...but take my word, the glacier is blue. It calved a lot while we were there. Beautiful.We traveled from Glacier Bay to Ketchikan, where we chose not to take the shore excursion as we had planned as we were knackered! By the end of that day, we were very thankful we had not taken that tour, and I will explain more about it at the bottom of the page. In Ketchikan, we mailed our dirty clothes home. This totem was at the harbor.
This is the local Anglican Church...St. John's Mission...across from the post office.This is downtown Ketchikan. It was the nicest of the towns. I found a wonderful fabric store, and another yarn and bead store! Got some beautiful yarn...but it's a secret...shhhh, and some fabric for a quilt...another secret.
A couple of interesting things on the ship included fresh flowers and orchids on every table.

Every night our bed was had been made in the morning, too, and every night there was a different animal on the bed...and chocolate.
Now, there are two things I plan to NEVER do again.

1) I will NEVER will go on a tour or with a tour group (this gal was so mad at us because we didn't want to do what she wanted us to do, that she had a cocktail party, and when it had to be moved to a different location, she didn't let us know...she also wouldn't speak to us...and she was so loud you could hear her coming a mile about the Ugly Texan).
2) I will NEVER go on a cruise again. Most of the people go, so far as I can tell, to get drunk...the bar is open at breakfast and stays open all day. The people move around drinking, laughing loudly, being obnoxious. It was WAY too organized for us free spirits, too. Again 'nuf said.

But I WILL go to Alaska with the trailer, I hope, and I WILL go to Vancouver again with the trailer. I WILL visit with Violette, Nicci, Giggles and the rest!

Now for what else happened. The first night of the trip one of the crew had a heart attack and had to be air lifted out. Two days later a minister who was a passenger had a heart attack and had to be taken away in the tender. Then the day we were in Ketchikan the weather changed about three o'clock in the afternoon. We had gone out about 1 pm to mail the dirty clothes back home, but we forgot the postcards and went back to get them. It had been hot, and we had removed our jackets. When we came back outside the wind had come up, and the weather changed and it was cool and the wind was gritty. Clouds formed over the mountains. We walked back to the town and shopped. I had seen an Alaska fleece vest, and Raf found us each one for $9.99!

We we boarded the ship, we dressed for dinner, and during the meal the cruise director called over the loud speaker asking for certain people to contact the front desk. We thought it was people who had just lost track of time, but by the time we were in the show there was an announcement saying there had been a plane crash. News filtered very slowly, but we stayed in the harbor until the next morning (we were supposed to leave at 8 the night before).

You can read the story here. This was the letter our captain, Werner Timmers, sent to the passengers:

Dear Guest,

We have been in contact with authorities in order to provide you with an update to the terrible accident that occurred yesterday on an independent sightseeing tour out of Ketchikan. The cause of the accident is under investigation and not known at this time. The National Transportation Safety Board have a team traveling to the site to conduct the investigation.

Alaska State Troopers have released the names of those in the crash. The four survivors, including the pilot and guide, were medically evacuated from Ketchikan to a hospital in Seattle early this morning for treatment of multiple unjuries. They are:

Clifford Kamm, pilot, 44, of Ketchikan, Alaska, is in stable condition with burns. Mindy Mayer, 60, or Oregon City, Oregon, is in serious condition with a broken pelvis and chest injuries. Allison Smith, 3, of Taulatin, Oregon, is in critical condition in Pediatric intensive care. Sara Steffen, guide, 27, of Ketchikan, Alaska, is in stable condition.

We pray for their complete recovery.

Tragically, the following passengers did not survive the accident:

Daniel Herron, 49, of Irvine, California. David Mayer, 60, of Oregon City, Oregon. Eric Smith, 37, and Christine Smith, 36, and Trevor Smith, 3, of Tualatin, Oregon.

Please join us as we extend our deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of the deceased. Holland America Line's thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all of those affected by this tragedy. Thank you for your espressions of kindness and concern.

Mrs. Mayer is the mother of Mr. Smith. Mr. Mayer was her husband, and the 3-year-olds were twins. This was the third such accident at Ketchikan in the last month! The other two had fatalities, as well.

Please pray for all the injured and for the repose of the souls of the dead, and for the families of all concerned.

I am exhausted, still, so I will stop here for tonight. I just had to get this much out.

Blessings to all of you, and we will hopefully "talk" to all of you soon.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Taking a break and a trip

We are both taking breaks from the computer for the next few weeks....and even unto Aug. 20. We will be leaving for Alaska on Aug. 9 and will not be taking computers or checking online. We both feel we need a break from the Internet world. We are looking forward to our cruise and to meeting Violette and Nicci in Vancouver. We will check in the 20th and probably post photos. We're taking our iPODS to download photos to, and we just both feel we have been too connected to computers for too long. Go to Holland America's website and see the mc Zuiderdam, our ship. We are leaving August 11 for the Glacier Bay/Inside Passage cruise. We fly into Vancouver on Aug. 10, and that is when we will be seeing Nicci and Violette. We will probably check emails until the 9th but will probably not be responding to comments on the blog. I do plan to write and write and write and read, and SEE ALASKA! And when we get back I'll complete the Carolina Byways quilt I'm making for my soon-to-be 42-year-old Kat in chocolates!

God bless you all, and we will visit with you on our return to planet Texas!!


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