A-Z Meme

I ran across this and thought it was pretty cool, so I did it. If you feel like it, do it, too. Thought this video was way cool!

Without changing the first word after each letter of the alphabet, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.

Accept who you are.
Break with tradition, and do it your way.
Create a happy place to live and play.
Decide on the important things of life.
Explore new natural spaces.
Forgive those who have hurt you.
Give your time and your talents to those who are in need.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Ignore what the news media would like us to believe.
Journey to new places all of the USA and Canada.
Know who you are.
Love those closest to you, but don't smother them.
Manage time more efficiently.
Notice everything around you.
Open your heart to those who distress you.
Play more music in the house.
Question what you hear.
Relax and don't rush so much.
Share your thoughts with others.
Try to be a better Christian every day.
Use the sense God gave you.
Value what you have.
Work on your art and writing every day
X-Ray anything the doctor says needs it.
Yield to God's will.
Zoom toward new heights in your art and writing.


tinker said…
Great meme, Sioux - and that video! That is too funny! Is that your kitty? He takes his job of catching all that paper, seriously, lol.
giggles said…
You kitty is hilarious!!! Loved your meme…beautiful! You are such a good soul!

Hugs Sherrie

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