Alaska...3rd Post

Well, an update on the plane crash...Susie, who is going on the same trip, same ship, tells me that the plane tours in Ketchikan has been cancelled. After three fatal crashes I think it's about time!

We found that Alaska, like other northern climes, celebrates spring and summer with beautiful flowers and plants. Here are some photos Raf took in Ketchikan while we were walking about the town. Wish we had had a car so we could have seen more of it. The people we met were totally gracious, kind, and helpful.

I did find wonderful craft stores including The Silver Thimble Quilt Shop, The Yarn Shop, and The Bead Shop.

This was on the entrance to a tunnel at the harbor.
These hanging baskets were all over town.
This is my favorite ... aren't these foxgloves gorgeous!


Naturegirl said…
Lovely photos of your Alaskan vacation thank you for sharing!
Now who is that sweet cat that you have on your profile! purzzz...NG
Wow! those were beautiful picutures. Thank you for sharing them. connie from Texas
Kahshe Cottager said…
Great pictures! I really like foxgloves too and they grow wild at my cottage. I really liked the glacier picture as well - it is hard to imagine just how large they and then to remember so much of them are underwater too!
Love the flowers! My dad loved alaska and now I see why!
Susie said…
Beautiful flowers. I do remember those hanging bskts in Ketchikan and Victoria, BC (did you go there too?)
Although our ports of call are the same, we are on a different cruise line. I can see that might not have been totally clear from my comment.
However the flights were cancelled per a notice they sent us...
We sail RT from SF (no flying YAY!!)
altermyworld said…
Your trip sounds completely amazing, i am glad you are safe and that you had a great time. i love hanging baskets. I just can't grow them, they always die.
Susie Q said…
Just glorious photos dear Sioux. I so want to do a trip like this.

I am so very sorry for the losses these poor people are faced with. Just so tragic.

I am glad you are home safely and with all these beautiful photos!

Jim said…
I'm liking Raf's pictures, he must have a pretty good camera or you were too close to that glacier. It has so much detail.

That is one thing I don't like on the cruise ships, walking through the casinos to get to where you want to be.
It isn't the casino per se, but the smoke in there. I'm a reformed smoker (30 years now) and I get an instand sore throat in second hand smoke.

And we haven't been in a ship's bar yet. Disco, yes, bar, no.
From Jim, your Texas neighbor also.
Gemma said…
Fantastic flower the hanging baskets!!
I was at Kahshe cottager's blog and saw your cat avatar. Amazing how much it looks like my cat, Fred the Cat. He blogs on my site on Fridays. I always post a picture of him too. The post this week is special but if you go back to last Friday, you'll see what I mean.

You have one beautiful site. The flowers are a delight. I would love to visit Alaska and see these sights in person. Bnjoy all of it.
Bimbimbie said…
Hello, just realised you are back - I have some catching up to do *!*
Anonymous said…
Tomorrow the 25th is Terry's birthday!
tinker said…
These photos are beautiful, Sioux -the color of those foxgloves is especially gorgeous. Glad you got to at least see some beautiful scenery. xo
Dawn said…
I am so far behind! What lovely pictures and adventures, but also sad stories. We were so fortunate on our only cruise (Caribbean) to avoid any drunkenness - our table mates were all Christians (God thing for sure!), and the bars didn't have to even be seen. We spent every evening listening to a Romanian group who were just fabulous, and they were in a nice quiet spot.

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