Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday and Geroge Washington's Birthplace

This morning we went to mass at St. James' Church in Montross Va. It's a beautiful 1870's building, but low church and they had forgotten how to use the kneelers. But we worshipped, and that was the most important.

Then I took Raf to the Gathering and went to George Washington's birthplace just a little northwest of where we were on the Northern Neck of Virginia.
Is that President Washington walking toward me, ready for his inaugration? This is the anniversary of the first time he was sworn into office.
This is the entrance to Washington's birthplace.
This spot was an international port...on the Washington property...where tobacco was shipped and goods received...on the Potomac.
Bald Eagles and osprey flew overhead as white swans floated on Pope's Creek at the Washington plantation.
This shows how the plantation was situated.
This is a replica of a kitchen of the period.
The original house burned on Christmas Day when Washington was a boy. This is the memorial house his adopted grandson and the federal government built near it's place...the grandson thought this was the right location, but it was really about 200 yards away.
In these trees is where the original house stood.

Spring has sprung here in northern Virginia.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

RMMGA EC Gathering, Day 2

We have been having a great time at the Gathering. I am here in the Montross VA library uploading these photo of yesterday's groups and last night's open mic.

Hope you are all having great days...we surely are!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

RMMGA EC 8 or 9, Westmoreland State Park VA

We are having a great time. Yesterday we met a few people early on, and later the guys put up two tents. We went to Dan's house for supper...fresh caught fish, pork, salads, casserole, and deserts. Today the guys are all up at the state park playing and eating. I am in the Monstross Library putting up this blog so that all of you can see what's happening. I'll put up more tomorrow.

We will be here until May 1 when we go to the convent in Catonsville MD for three nights, then on the 4th we will go to Pittsburgh. Martha and Dick are checking on our camping where their camper is. Then on to Findlay and home.

Hugs and love to everyone!!--Sioux and Raf

(check in tomorrow for more photos!)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Heritage Park RV--Montross VA--Thursday

Well, it is about 3 pm, and we are in the Montross Library parking lot looking at email. We have found the state park, the house we are to meet at tonight, eaten a Greek lunch, and are washing clothes while we are computing. The photos above show a little of the area. I will post more tomorrow when Raf is picking and I am on my own!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

EDM sink

We have arrived in Warsaw VA. We ate tonight in Montross VA. The is a lovely area of Virginia.

Last night, in order to keep up my drawing each day, I drew a quick sketch of the sink in our RV. I did it much too quickly...I was exhausted, but I have promised myself to draw something every day.

Well, more tomorrow....


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