Dickson, Tennessee

We left Texarkana this morning about 10:30 and arrived in Dickson TN, about 40 miles west of Nashville, at a little before 7 pm. We are staying in the same campground and campsite we stayed at about 2 years ago...when we picked up our newest kitty, Tennessee Jake Brake.

We are using an absolutely terrible wifi network. We think it must be dial-up, and we are sharing login time with each other.

The weather is fair...not hot and not cold. The dogwood is blooming, and tomorrow I plan to draw it. I heard the most beautiful bird song as we were setting up...a warbler of some sort.

So, we are here for the night.

Tomorrow we will set up our printer/scanner, and I will share my first moleskine. I love it. I'm going to draw something tonight..(drew a pillow)...as I plan to draw every day.

Gasoline prices: Little Rock AR, $2.69; West Memphis AR, $2.69; and Jackson TN, $2.83...went up there a lot!!

Well, enough rambling...more tomorrow!


Malinda said…
Have a safe and enjoyable trip Sioux! Thanks for taking us along!

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