List Friday for Pomegranates and Paper

Hobby Supplies:

1. Lots and lots of ephemera--I means boxes of the stuff
2. Paints and brushes of all sorts--watercolor and acrylics
3. Paper...watercolor paper, journals, drawing paper, paper to use in collage
4. Beads and beading wire, tools, etc.
5. Fabric...beautiful and ugly
6. Photos
7. Thread and yarn
8. Scissors of all types
9. Computers
10. Embroidery machine

Boxes and Boxes...and we are packing to go to the East Coast for a month...and I can only take one box!!!!


Loretta said…
Where will you be on the East coast? How intriguing! My good friend in Memphis bought an embroidery machine and used to make the best gifts and sell her stuff at our church craft fair.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

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