Nashville, Day 2

This is the apartment where Raf lived in Nashville. Moby Carney, of Moby in the Morning, also lived back in the day!
Barbazon Apartment off the Vanderbilt campus where I lived when I first moved to Nashville.

Raf with Jancie at the Upper Room. I worked with Janice 30 years ago there.
Upper Room on Vanderbilt campus where we were married 29 years ago on May 5.
Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, home of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and Ghrun's Guitars. Raf worked for Grayline Tours close to here.
Radnor Lake, in the middle of Nashville, is our favorite place. We went on many dates here, too the girls here, took John here when he came with us. It is beautiful.


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