Monday, April 03, 2006

Dr. Office Sketch

Took my new sepic Micron 05 pen to the doctor's office thinking I would have time to sketch...too much time, but we were the first patients in and out. It's much easier now that he doesn't take Medicaid any more!! This lady came in before us, but she had forgotten to come last Friday when her scheduled appointment was, so they were having to "work her in". She was not a happy camper...but, oh, well...should 'a, would 'a, could 'a!


Teri C said...

I love these moments in time. They just seem to have so much meaning. Great job Sioux.

Lin said...

NEAT SUE!! Aren't sketching people difficult? You did a good job!

mw said...

haha - that's always the way it goes. I am going to start bringing my sketchbook with me, although I am usually doling out cheerios to my daughter and trying to keep her off the furniture!

clare said...

dodGreat drawing Sioux, she don't look like a 'happy camper' either, but how about her making a new appt instead of putting other patients out? Selfish!


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