RMMGA EC 8 or 9, Westmoreland State Park VA

We are having a great time. Yesterday we met a few people early on, and later the guys put up two tents. We went to Dan's house for supper...fresh caught fish, pork, salads, casserole, and deserts. Today the guys are all up at the state park playing and eating. I am in the Monstross Library putting up this blog so that all of you can see what's happening. I'll put up more tomorrow.

We will be here until May 1 when we go to the convent in Catonsville MD for three nights, then on the 4th we will go to Pittsburgh. Martha and Dick are checking on our camping where their camper is. Then on to Findlay and home.

Hugs and love to everyone!!--Sioux and Raf

(check in tomorrow for more photos!)


SCquiltaddict said…
Great dog in your pics...gotta love a jack russell saying PET ME!:>

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