Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday

Tonight was the night of remembering the Last Supper before Jesus died. Loretta, on her Pomgranates and Paper blog, wrote a beautiful explaination of tonight's service where the priest, Catholic or Anglican, washes the feet of the congregation as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

It is a very solumn service which culminated with the stripping of the altar, the Host is removed from the altar until Easter Sunday. After the altar is stripped, the congregation leaves in silence. There are observances all of Holy Week. Tuesday we had a Seder Supper. Wednesday we held our last Stations of the Cross. Friday will be a Good Friday service. Saturday will be the lighting of the Pascal light, and Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection of Christ as Lord and Savior of us all.

All-in-all Holy Week is a beautiful, spiritual, reverent and, yes, Holy week. It is a time of reflection and renewal, and it ends with Easter, the most joyous of holy days!


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