Friday in Dickson and Kingston Springs

We spent a restful day yesterday and today...just potting around the old stomping ground. Raf was going to fish today, but it poured rain the past two days, and both Turnbull Creek and the Harpeth River are out of their banks in flood stage.

Everything is green. I love the mountains, the trees so tall, the flowers all in bloom.

Will post more as we a good photo of oour old church in Kingston Springs and a not so good one of our old house. Went by the Kingston Springs UMC, where we spent a lot of happy times.

My camera is dying, so we are looking for another Nikon Coolpix...hope to find one soon.

While we were at the Narrows of the Harpeth I sketched a cliff in watercolor pencil. Will post it when I get a chance.


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