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Yesterday was the looooongest day of the trip because we used a GPS on our Dell, and it took us up over mountains and down dales, and it was a mess. We finally found the campground, hooked up, called Raf's aunt and uncle, and came into Rocky Mount for supper. Then this morning we got the car washed and came over for lunch.

Raf and Allan went to Lowes to get some new rockers for their front porch. Eleanor has gone to the doctor, and I am busy computing!! They have wifi here in the house like we do, so that is great.

Last night I wanted to draw something, as I am drawing every day in my molesine journal, so I found there was a mayfly in the trailer and drew it!

Hopefully later today I will put up photos of Smith Mountain Lake and of us with Eleanor and Allan.


Melisa said…
He looks great. Did he sit still long enough for you to draw him, or was he dead? I think you'd have to be really quick if he was still alive. The don't sit still for long.

BTQ, how do you like the moleskin for watercolors? I've been asking people and getting mixed reactions. I can't decided if I should get one, or try to find a sketchbook with watercolor paper in it.
Sioux said…
He was alive, but it had been dark in the RV, and so he sat still.

I love the moleskine so long as you don't get it too wet.
Lin said…
SUPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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