Road to Hell-3WW

I drive slowly into the darkness toward
The obscure hotel on the forgotten
Road to hell.

I cannot turn back into the light
It’s too late now me to stop
Too late for me to see.

Down that lonely road I travel on
Weighed on my shoulders with grief
Knowing I grow no older.

I can’t stop the darkened path I’ve chosen
I can’t go back and start again
It’s time, I must depart.

Gotta say, I don't know why I writing this doom and gloom...I don't feel . .


Perhaps you are led to write it for someone who is struggling and needs to hear it. Maybe they have been going the wrong way in life and this will help them realize it and go the right way. Several times I have written something or done something with no idea why and then maybe a short time or years later it becomes clear why.
smilnsigh said…
As long as you, don't feel personally gloomy...

giggles said…
You are the conduit to the souls of others! The words albeit sad are wise. A warning to youth…....don’t waste it!
Hope you are well!!!

Love and Hugs Sherrie
Sometimes letting out those dark thoughts help. I write when I am depressed. It gets out those thoughts out of the system and help me cope better.

I liked this very much. Thanks.

I finally wrote a review for My Mother's Garden.
judie said…
It's a great poem Sioux and very meaningful words. Someone will need it. Don't stop!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
These words come out of you for a reason, it's really quite vivid and thought provoking. I agree that perhaps the reason for the poem will be known later, or maybe never at all to you; but the important thing is that you wrote it and can move on.

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