Sunday Scribblings ... #74, I Get that Sinking Feeling...

I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. You know, like when an elevator plunges to the bottom floor. I’m missing something but I don’t know what it is…or where I should be or what’s going to happen next. And I'm not sure I care!

I’m probably just realizing that I should be doing sometime that I’m not doing, but today I am going to pretend I’m retired.

But pretend, heck, I am retired, and I don’t think retired means what it used to…or at least what I thought it meant. My little computer dictionary defines retirement giving up work, stopping working, packing it in, calling it quits.

Many of my friends who retired before I did, told me that I would be busier than ever once I retired. How could that be, I wondered! But, it’s true. And after three years, it's more than true!

You see, we just got back from a vacation in Alaska. Vacation: break, time off, recess, leave! Frankly, I have never been more exhausted!

We went on a cruise, you see, and everything was planned for us, down to waking time and bedtime…unless we wanted to stay up all night drinking, of course. Hummm…maybe we should have done that. Oh, well, too late!

So, we came home to rest…take a break…take some time off! But every day we have had something to do…a funeral involving food preparation, attendance, and other church matters; then two dinners with friends (we did enjoy that, at least); Altar Guild at church; church services; visits from our daughters and several grandchildren; a friend's family reunion; gun club meeting…and I know I’m forgetting things!

This week we “should” move the RV to the RV parking lot; call both doctors for appointments for the terrible pains in our feet and legs and mole removal; get an estimate on the bathroom remodel; find out why Mother’s headstone hasn’t been completed after two years; contact Life Lock about their services; and fertilize the yard. Of course that isn’t to mention the things that will just crop up!

So, as the sinking feeling continues to grow and my foot aches unstopped, I think I will lie back in my recliner and pretend, just for one day, that retirement really means STOP!


Wishing the pain away for you! is it working? I hate that feeling knowing I am forgeting something or need to do something or something! LOL!
Susie Q said…
I will keep a good thought that the pain goes away quickly! I am so sorry about that! I know that feeling too well and my days of having those feelings are growing in number! I am quite forgetful anymore!

I hope your remember it or can forget
about and rest!

When I have too many things to do and I don't know to start from where, I get the sinking feeling you describe here.

Glad to see you posting on SS again.

BTW, I finished that book, liked it and I will write my thoughts on that soon.
Lisa said…
I hope the pain and the sinking feeling go away.

Retirement sounds exhausting.
Gemma said…
Thats come home from vacation so you can rest. Maybe you should go back to work so you can really relax...LOL
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I don't think I could be retired, too much work, too many commitments! Relax, dear friend, rest up for tomorrow.
smilnsigh said…
Get thee to thy recliner! :-) Mmm, well, AFTER calling docs for appointments for the terrible pains in your feet/legs and mole removal. You did do that, didn't you??? :-)

Yes, act retired, please. I do it all the time! If not when?

But find out about the pain, too.

What a nag I am, hu?

I wish you bright blessings and big hugs sioux..
Have fun and keep it simple!
Peace, Kai xx
colleen said…
I agree! First about the sinking feeling that you should be doing something your not, an overall general sense of something wrong. Next, about retirement. I recently finished up a nine year stint providing foster care in my home for an adult with developmental disabilities. I work very occasionaly now doing respite care and freelance writing. I feel as though I've been unleashed. I am my own slave driver!

Your blog design is beautiful. I wish I could sew and make nice blog designs, but I'm a clutz at both.
giggles said…
Oh my Sioux you need to set some boundaries…Start by taking some magnesium for those sore legs, you may be dehydrated too, so start drinking lots of water….Pepper has been suffering from sore legs as well….but she hasn’t stopped either. I have done way more that I should and can’t wait for things to slow down.

Do the necessities then take a break to just be!!! Act as though you are writing a book and schedule yourself time alone….that will mean saying “No” to a few things. Sit on your hands when they need volunteers. Let some of the young ones do it! Just until you gather some energy. I could run circles around people when I was young….I can’t and don’t want to now! Maybe some of the gloom or feelings of dread will dissipate…
Please take care….I am just now trying to catch up on a few blogs….this is the busiest summer in a long time…I am pooped too!

Hugs Sherrie

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