Story Continued. . .and Alphabet Soup

Raf is slowly processing his photos. I think he took in access of 500! Hoping for that one good one! This one is of Marjorie Glacier in Glacier Bay. This one is calving. It calved quite a few times while we were there. The ice is so beautiful. The turquoise so vivid. I'd seen photos, but it is breath-taking up close and personal! Our inside cabin was about 5 feet from the fore deck on Deck 6. We and one other couple, nice Canadian couple, were the only ones who used it much. Tremendous views! But rather cool when sailing. However, it wasn't a bit cold when we were stopped in Glacier Bay.Friends of ours from Texas took the same cruise about a month before we did, and he sent us this shot of his daughter in front of the Eagle totem I showed in my past post. Isn't she a lovely junior, I believe.
And more Glitter Sister photos. Wish I didn't looks like such a dufus! Oh, well. from left to right, Sioux, Violette, Nicci, and Giggles.

And, I told you guys about the gifts whey gave us. Violette's the picture and the card, Nicci the two pins, and Giggles, the bracelet (got some many compliments on it!)...and, well, I would show the banana bread, but, well, we ate it that night! YUM...thanks, Bryan!
I've had quite a few comments on my last post. Two people said they didn't see drinking. Now I never said we didn't drink, but the bars opened at 6 am and closed...well, who knows, we were asleep by then. One of my friends said they never went to a bar onboard...they they must of disappearted! Because there was at least one bar on each deck and it was often at mid-ships. Most decks had three or four, and you could go no place without seeing one! The Casino was also very busy, and we had to go through it to get to the dining room.

We did hear a wonderful string quartet called City Lights. They were from Romania and were booked to play on that ship for 6 weeks. Problem was, they played in the small longues and most of the people were so loud it was hard to hear them. They were by far the best act on the ship.

Well, that's all for now. Need to go to the post office and get busy sewing. Will post more later.

Here is the weekly Alphabet Soup entry for Morning Glory:

1. be home safely
2. time flies
3. my life
4. Feet...two that don't hurt (much)
5. Flying...don't like to
6. Fun...having lots of it at home!


giggles said…
Glad you are back safe and sound! Yes we did have so much fun....thankfully we found that other place to eat....wink wink!!!
Phew....I was a little panicked for a moment!! We did have the most awesome unforgettable night that’s for sure! So great to meet you!!

Hugs Sherrie
Morning Glory said…
Those glaciers are incredible, aren't they?

Thanks for joining in on the Alphabet Soup.
Susie said…
We're doing this cruise next week. That was a real tragedy about the crash. I've heard that they discontinued that shore excursion.
Sorry you had some unpleasant experiences with cruising. It's one of our favorite ways to vacation. (and no we're not big drinkers!) We never use a tour guide either, and I'm sure that could make a difference too.
this is a fun trip with you Sioux..

you're a Fun, fiesty, fabulous friend!!
PEace n fun, Kai xx
PEA said…
Hello dear Sue!! Finally catching up with you....welcome home:-) I've so enjoyed reading all about your know, I completely dislike taking any guided tour, I'd much rather go explore on my own! I've never been on a cruise and doubt I ever will but it was fun to go along with you through your posts:-) Alaska is so beautiful in pictures, I can just imagine how it is to see in person!! How wonderful that you also got to meet some blogging buddies...sure looks like you were all having a fabulous time! hehe Just glad you're back home safe and sound!! xoxo
Myrna said…
I enjoyed reading about your trip--Except, of course, the tragic plane crash. I had read about that online and in the paper, but wasn't aware that someone I "know" was on the same cruise.

I think I would like going to Alaska--I have enjoyed the cruises I have been on (Caribbean and Agean) and might like this one. I know I wouldn't care for the cold part. But, after all, it is Alaska.

How great that you met blogging friends on your trip!
Naturegirl said…
Oh my have I missed a lot since I was by! You went to ALASKA!!! One of my dream trips! It is nice to put a face to the names I have seen in various blogsites..the glitter sisters!hugs NG
I just love the glaciers! they are so awesome! i loved all the photos and appreciate you sharing them!
ellen b said…
NICE word choices...glad you were so fortunate.
Sheila said…
What a fantastic time, a cruise and a meeting with Glitter sisters..!
Your photos are great..!
Michelle said…
wow that was quite some cruise you went on - the pictures in Alaska are beautiful!

How very sad to hear about that tragic plane accident though; I won't get on one of those little planes, they scare me. Will be keeping those families in my prayers.
tinker said…
I think you look great - love the colors in your outfit! The bracelet is gorgeous and so are the other goodies. What great Glitter sisters!

Alphabet soup - you know I put that category on my blog a week or so ago, thinking I'd do something with the alphabet starting in Sept, now I've got to go see if maybe I want to join something else instead!
tinker said…
p.s. I'm glad they decided to stop those tours if they weren't safe - and still so glad you weren't on that plane. Whew!

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