Interview with Journal Bliss author Violette

Violette in her kitchen

I am honored to interview Violette Clark, author of Journal Bliss. I was even more honored to visit Violette in her home outside Vancouver, British Columbia.

Here is what Violette had to say:

Question: What real person that you know personally was the greatest influence in your life and why?

Violette: Hmmmmm..........REAL PERSON???????? Well I am thinking it would be one of my mentors - Lawrence. He used to be an art marketing director. We volunteered together at a place for Street kids about 10 years ago. He created my first brochure for me. We were teaching arts and crafts to Street Kids (in a very casual way) and when things were quiet and the kids were either off in another room or intensely at work creating a bracelet I would doodle away. Lawrence would notice my art and ask me why I wasn't doing anything with it. I'd explain to him how I didn't really know how to promote myself or how to make a brochure or anything (oh, and by the way, did I have any talent at all???). So he set out to make my first brochure, all by hand - printing out photos of my art and writing copy and gluing everything down. He's the first "artistic person" who truly believed in me. Having someone who was so talented and who came from an art background go to bat for me like that touched me. He is mentioned on my gratitude page - I could never forget Lawrence for believing in me. Mentors are worth their weight in gold!

Question: What is your favorite color and how is the best you have used it in your art?

Violette: I have three favourite colours - chartreuse, orange and purple. My magic cottage is painted purple with chartreuse trim and my livingroom is painted with a bright orange faux finish (I know you've seen my home, Sioux!) - my home is my art, too, so I suppose that's my best use of those colours - I can enjoy them every day. They help me to feel juicy and jazzed on grey days. We have many grey days on the West Coast. These bright colours help lift my spirits!

Question: Where do you hope to be in five years with regard to your art?

Violette: Oh good question Sioux. In five years I hope to have a number of online classes, e-books and products, creativity packages, maybe even another book? My hope is to be living in a smaller town far away from traffic and closer to nature. Because of the internet and global access I can conduct my artful business anywhere. I am really a homebody at heart and love to work from my sanctuary. I might be doing some retreats as well but am not big on traveling too far to do them. Public Speaking, if I can get over my fear of talking to big crowds, might feature in my future, too. It's funny but I didn't have a five year plan. I had planned to publish a book which I have and it's almost as if the time line stops there. The possibility of inspiring people all over the world is greater now than ever with the internet so I can see using the net as a vehicle to teach, inspire and create more than I have in the past. It's all very exciting isn't it?

Thanks so much, Violette. You have inspired many, many people around the world, already, and we all wait anxiously to see what wonderful art you will create next!


Annie said…
Hi Sue,

I'm a little behind on my visiting and I wanted to say that i really enjoyed reading your interview. Then I checked out your bracelets and I had one of those "huh?" moments and scrolled back up to double check where I was at. Jewelry and interviews with artists was so unexpected. Very nice change in direction. I like your bracelets, especially the third one in the series.

tinker said…
Great questions, Sioux - I really enjoyed reading the interview.
Just saw your bracelets in the post below too - very pretty!
PEA said…
Such a wonderful interview, dear Sue, and I so enjoyed reading Violette's answers to your questions. I'm so glad that she's been able to get so far with her God given talent and I do remember when you went to visit her little cottage, so delightful in every way:-) xoxo
gemma said…
Good interview. I particularly liked your 5 year you said we all look forward to more of Violette's art!
Jim said…
Sue, you did a really good and interesting interview. I didn't see when you were up there doing that.
You did a good haul on the pretty necklace and earrings by Terry too. This must be your lucky month, keep at it!

Wanted you to know that I'm back and posting about our latest European holiday. I am putting it mainly in JIM'S LITTLE BLOG although some is duplicated in the LITTLE PHOTO AND POEM PLACE.
We had an enjoyable trip, we flew to Barcelona, rented a car and visited the Midi-Pyrénées in Southern France. Then back to Barcelona over the mountains via Andorra for a three night stay in Barcelona.
Then flew to Paris, three nights there, up to Honfluer (we had been to the Normandy Coast a lot, but never Honfluer), Reuen, and Bruges, Belgium. Then back to Paris to visit Giverny and the Monet Gardens, then back to Houston. We were gone two weeks and two days.
Flassie's Fil'a said…
Great Q&A's!
Enjoyed it!

God Bless You and Yours!!!
Barbara said…
How great you got to do this interview.

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