Necklace for a special lady

Can't tell who this is least not yet. Anyway, I am back in a jewelry-making mode and loving it. I'll put up some more photos soon.

I am on Facebook more than anywhere else, so if you want to contact me there, please do...just look to the right of this page to find my Facebook link.

Thanks to Terry for giving us such a beautiful anniversary tribute.

Love to all!!


Annie said…
so pretty Sue. Love the green color.
Susan said…
Lovely. I don't do Face Book so I'll have to "see" you here.
Gail said…
Do you make any of your own beads ? I really enjoy seeing jewelry others have made, do you sell on Etsy? I could not find the link to your Facebook.
Dawn said…
What a beautiful necklace! I love it.

I haven't joined Facebook - I can't afford another obsession!
Sandi Holland said…
Hi Sue: Pretty mossy green color and lacy look to your necklace. May do Facebook soon. If so will look for you there.

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