Necklace for a Graduate

Necklace for a Graduate
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This one is going to a high school graduate for whom we are having a reception next Sunday after Mass. She is a wonderful young woman off to Texas A&M in the fall.

Again, a vintage button.


Susan said…
A nice gift for this blessed young ladt.
Bonny said…
What a pretty necklace, Sue. I'm sure your friend will enjoy wearng this and think of you when she does.

I've been wondering about you both lately haven't heard much from you. Hope everything is okay.


Gail said…
Great jewerly, don't you just love making things with beads, I sure do
It is one of my most favorite things to work with. BE BLESSED:-)
yoon see said…
Wow! So beautiful! Love the colours and the details. Good Luck Sioux!
Jim said…
Hey Sue, it's me. We're back from your European Holiday!
Really, I didn't want to talk about that. Instead it will be the necklace.

It is pretty and I like most old buttons. They are about the best way to spend the time other than blogging or sex.

Anyway, I would like to know if you would have a huge button. The kind we used to put on a string and make a string and button spinning top? I am sure Mom had some but they must have gotten sold at auction (Tekamah, Nebraska) or sister Lois has them.

If you wouldn't give me an old button like that then how about a necklace with one for a present?

Thanks in advance,

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