The Monastery 2005, Part 3


Annie said…
Dear Sioux, Here I am again. This evening, after watching Part 3, I was compelled to continue watching the programs. I got up to and completed Part 10 tonight. Interestingly, I went from listening to the segments intellectually and then shifted to listening with my heart. The listening and hearing was very different from that time forward.
Jim said…
Your friend looks like the facilitator for The Amazing Race TV program.
Our new one came into this world, her pictures and vitals are on my 'Little Blog.'
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
My friend through 40 years, brother Ole, a Benedictine munch for 15 years, was led to his monastery From Iona in England.
He has got a wonderful life in the Neatherlands, but is allowed to visit Norway to weeks a year, to attend to the celebration of St. Sunniva. She was an Irish/Norwegian saint, stranded not far from where br. Ole came from.
A Benedict Monastery was built there in the middle ages.

I hope you will all be well in your the congregation. As long as we live here on earth, there will be differences and sadly also deep confrontations among Christians.
I find it tragic, but we must all follow our hearts and after seeking advice from God, go where he leads us.
I'm confident that you will have and good fellowship with the Benedictines.
They are great Christians.
From Felisol

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