Monastery 2005, Part 2

Here is the second part of the 18-part series produced by the BBC in 2005.

I had several people ask me about our experience with the local Benedictine Community. It has been meeting for 4 years, but we only heard about it a couple of months ago. It is made up of Anglicans in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (our diocese is one of many that have left the Episcopal Church and have formed the Anglican Church of North America[ACNA]). As you may have heard the Episcopal Church USA has just lifted the ban on homosexual bishops! We go out just in time!

As to how we fit into a Benedictine Community, well, we are Anglo-Catholics. Our diocese is mainly Anglo-Catholic and ACNA is in talks with both the Roman and the Orthodox churches, and we hope and pray at some time to be in full communion with both.

Our Community meets monthly. We begin with choir practice of Gregorian Chants. Then we process into the nave chanting for Vespers. After that we eat in silence with one of the members reading aloud. Then we discuss one of the Benedictine Rules. Then we process into the nave for Compline. Then we leave in silence.


Annie said…
Dear Sioux, I continue to follow this journey of these men. I may not comment everyday but be assured, I will be here. I'm sending this link on to my son now. Love, Annie

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