Titmouse Bandit

The crazy titmice are trying to steal Poke's fur to make nests. They do this over and over again, and sometimes Poke doesn't even realize it! Poke is an 18-year-old, fat, mean-spirited cat. One of our granddaughters calls him the "hell cat" because we've always called him the "Cat from Hell". He is like a huge rag mop, who mostly looks sort of dead.

This is looking east from our patio door out toward our back yard...as you can see from the bird feeders, we really encourage the birds.

BTW, we have had humming birds for the best part of a week.


Bonny said…
Too funny!The birds are smart; they probably figured it out that Poke doesn't move much and rhey are faster than he is. Oh, tjat's priceless!
Jim said…
Are you sure it wasn't those pesky blue birds. We had to shoot a whole bunch of them in Friendswood, they were attacking our cat and the dogs. :-)
I am glad you're back. It was over two weeks.
PEA said…
That is just hilarious! He doesn't react until the bird has some of his fur and flies off!!! lol I can't believe you have hummingbirds already, we won't be seeing any of those until at least mid May. Hope all is well in your corner of the world, my friend. xoxo
Annie said…
That is one nervy bird. Goooo birdie!!
Susie said…
Those birds are pretty bold, aren't they! Poor old Poke just trying to take a nap in the sun :)
We have hummingbirds year round here and they are a true delight :)
Flassie's Fil'a said…
Oh My! That is so funnny!
I never seen a birds to that
before. Poor Kitty Kat, Birds
on Pokes Back, Fur is what they
want, Poke just wants to take
a nap, Nesting Weather, Birds
trying to stick a nest with
Pokes fur together, His coat
looks might warm, it's alright
if he shares a little bit of it,
to help in hatching eggs in the
warmth of his cat fur coat. Now
that is something special. Who
ever heard of a Cat helping a
Bird hatch eggs? LOL!

Could you please keep my Father-in-law in your prayers for healing? His name is Wallace!

God Bless You and Yours and
Your Creative Life and Health!!!
Gail said…
That is the wildest thing I have ever seen...glad you had the video as I was wondering how the bird got his little beak full of fur.
We have a calico that is 25 years old so your kitty should try harder to hang onto its fur, it may have a few years left to go.
Barbara said…
Looks a beautiful cat and did not move as the bird flew by.

Children he same everywhere, clamering over the chairs etc. Fun.
tinker said…
That is SO funny! Hope that doesn't hurt...but what a brave bird, lol! Good camera eye - what serendipity you were able to catch it all on camera.

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