The Call from Prince Caspian by Regina Spektor

Beautiful movie for Lent! This song was the farewell scene of the movie, but the you tube that has clips from throughout the movie has not been allowed to be embedded. However, Regina Spektor's voice and the message of the song is wonderful.

The message of the book by C. S. Lewis and the movie, which kept to the book fairly well, challenges our faith...we must believe without seeing. We must, we must, we must have faith.

Ah, I just found one with more of the clips:


yoon see said…
Happy Cactus Monday:)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing that with us! So beautiful! I got a bio not to long ago on C. S. Lewis! Wonderful and talented man! I love the Narnia!
PEA said…
I just bought that movie a couple of weeks ago but have not had time to watch it yet. The song is just beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful week, dear Sue. Love you! xoxo
Susan said…
You've been scarce Sioux!!!

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