The Men in my Life

Ralph (Raf) Spurgeon Seibert III
John McBee Ficke

I posted these photos on my Facebook Wall yesterday, but I thought I would post them here today. The two men in my life who have done so much for me. They have loved me and comforted me and believed in me. My life would have been so two-dimensional, so empty, without them.

The top shows my husband, Raf, at age 23 when he served in the US Air Force in Panama for three years. Our oldest grandson, John, saw the photo for the first time yesterday and was amazed when I told him that his Papa was the same as then that he, John, is now.

The other photo shows my father, John Ficke. He was in the US Army in World War II and fought in all the major battles in Europe. He glided into France and was behind enemy lines calling fire on his location when the Normandy Invasion took place.

I thank God for these two good men, and I pray God's blessings on Raf and His eternal peace on Daddy.


Annie said…
Interesting - the last name of Ficke. I have a distant branch on my father's side of the family that is also named Ficke (or perhaps it's Fick. I'm not sure which).
trailbee said…
And the best part is that he is still here with you.
Sioux said…
I would be interested to know more about it, Annie!

Yes, Trailbee, I am blessed.
judie said…
Wonderful, loving post Sioux. And your beadwork is gorgeous!!
Werna Gail said…
Just came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and yes you are very blessed to have had two good men in your life. My honey and I have been together since 1965.Ghee I feel old when I say that.LOL.

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