IMT-Abstract Art--Birth of a Butterfly

IMT-Abstract Art
Originally uploaded by siouxsue42.
Inspire me Thursday's challenge for this week is Abstract. I don't know much about abstract art...but this came to here it is.


Pam Aries said…
hi Sioux! cool abstract! Say, are you doing the 101 portraits? I know you have a gazillion things going on. hope you are well! Love and peace..Pam Aries
Teri C said…
Such a simple image and it has so much interest in it. I am learning to appreciate this abstract art more and more.
carla said…
This makes me think of a Calder mobile...the shapes and colors are light and lovely.
eriesargonaut said…
I think it looks like a great fishing lure! (sorry, I have fishing on my mind lately, ha) Very nice abstract.
Monica said…
Cool! Love the yellow with the red....Very Lovely!
This is wonderful... so glad you joined in this week! Thanks for participating at Inspire Me Thursday!

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