Christi's Dragonfly Jacket

This is on the left shoulder of the jacket

This is on the back of the jacket.

Friday our baby, Christi, will be 36! Wow, time does pass quickly. Margaret suggested I post the embroidery I did on the jacket for her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Baby. We love you!


Lin said…
Bonny said…
The embroidery is really lovely - it adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the jacket.
I think it's fascinating that so many of us are creative in other ways besides doing drawing or painting!
I like knitting socks and have done other things like quilting and embroidery.
Rissa said…
Very cute. Dragonflys have become the totem for one of my stitching groups, so I have stitched and beaded many of them in the last couple of years!
SCquiltaddict said…
Marilyn said…
These are great. I am a dragonfly lover.
Anonymous said…
Wow i love the embroidered Dragon Fly! Gorgeous!

You are one busy lady!

Love your atc for CPS too! I can't believe how many creative things you are doing!

Love violette
pedalpower said…
Wow! These are beautiful!!

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