Almost home...Thursday night

These iris were in the garden at the RV park in Dickson TN where we always stay. They have beautiful flowers in the spring and summer.

Well, we left Findlay OH yesterday in the pouring rain...traffic was absolutely TERRIBLE. We took 8 hours to reach Dickson TN...west of Nashville. Raf slept for 11 hours, and we made it on in to Texarkana at 6pm this evening. Traffic was not nearly as bad today...YEAH for the South!! Don't know where all those trucks were going in Ohio, but I really don't want to be in that sort of traffic EVER again! Nothing like it in PA or MD or TN, etc. Anyway, it should take us about 4 hours or so tomorrow. We will have kitties tomorrow night, grandchildren, children, and HOME. We have really had a wonderful trip, but we will be GLAD to get HOME. Taked to John today, and he will be home this weekend, too.

Love to all who read this, hugs, blessings, good wishes, prayers...


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