Home Again...and it's good to be back!

It didn't rain on us much when we were in the Valley, but it sure had rained here since we've been gone! It has been a very wet, thank God, summer, and so everything here is GREEN!


CaBaCuRl said…
Sounds like you have had a wonderful time away Sue...your holidays sound like the sort I enjoy....bird-watching, walking, wild-flower photography.
Susie said…
Glad you're back home and safe. I know that rain is a much-needed blessing for your area..
Kai said…
wow, i wish we had rain..our grass is crunchy!!
your pics are beautiful!!
PEace Kai xx
"Early Bird" said…
Your pictures are so pretty, I love it after a rain and everything greens back up that was getting on the crispy side. We had a rain in the night and my flowers are looking some better.
Smalltown RN said…
Your garden looks beautiful and healthy....glad you had a great trip!!
Dawn said…
So glad you're back home safe and sound - and that it is green! There's nothing like green, and it's staying that way longer here this year after the wet winter we had. What a blessing after several years of drought.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Michelle said…
welcome back! I sure know the feeling that it's good to be home!
Kelli said…
Welcome back!!!

I know you must be glad to get home. Everything looks so pretty, I am sure just to greet you and your husband. Welcome Home. connie from Texas
Glad you made it home all right. Isn't it lovely with all the rain you have gotten? i know everything is lush and green here with all our rain except of course for the flooded areas.

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